"Daily Racing Form" archives on-line · 6.08.09

The venerable Daily Racing Form has been in publication since 1894, and is arguably the bible of racing fans and horseplayers. In 2000 the DRF donated its entire archival collection of back-issues to the Keeneland Library: approximately 5 million newspaper pages in 3,700 folio hardbound volumes, including the Morning Telegraph and the American Racing Manual as well as the DRF, stored in a climate-controlled storage facility.

The Keeneland Library and the University of Kentucky recently partnered for a project to digitize this treasure-trove of racing history, and make it available on-line and easily-accessible to researchers around the world.

The beta version of this unique database is now available. Researchers can search for names or phrases — performing full-text searches or limiting their efforts to headlines, bylines, results, past performances, and even comics and advertisements — or browse by decade.

The database still has only a limited selection of articles available, but you can already read such minor gems as the legendary Charles Hatton’s explanation of the origins of the Triple Crown.

Speaking as a fan, and in particular as someone interested in the history of the sport, all I can say is… SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Excellent idea. Too bad it took so long.

    Dr. Timothy Yatcak · Aug 7, 09:06 AM · #

  2. The project has moved beyond “beta” to “soft launch” Check out the new and easy to use website: http://kdl.kyvl.org/drf

    Becky Ryder · Aug 27, 10:22 AM · #

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